In fact, our San Francisco area facility was created for the sole purpose of working alongside our surgeon colleagues to tip the scales in favor of superior surgical outcomes after gender-affirming surgeries. To do so, our facility was built specifically to serve the transgender community. We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to deliver healing hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment.

Gender Affirmation Surgery Coupled with HBOT: Superior Results for Your Patients

While gender-affirming surgeries have enjoyed continued improvement in methods, techniques and instrumentation, advances in post-operative care have remained elusive. Until now.

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Comprehensive Care

In order for post-operative care to be most highly effective, it needs to be comprehensive. At 8th Element Hyperbaric Medicine, we dedicate ourselves to providing a comprehensive, holistic approach to the care of the transgender patient. First, for HBOT to be optimally effective, daily attendance is the goal. To achieve such high adherence to a therapeutic program, special attention needs to be placed on all aspects of the patient’s care. This includes creating a “physical” space that addresses the unique needs of these post-operative patients.

One example (of many) is the inclusion of recliner chairs in the waiting room to accommodate patients for whom the simple act of sitting can be extremely uncomfortable. We have also developed a specialized “medical” space for our patients, designed to afford immediate, real-time access for our patients to on-site, nurse practitioners. These highly trained providers are always available to our patients to answer questions, exam worrisome signs or symptoms, thereby reducing patient anxiety and stress.

A Collaborative Approach

Any concerns that the nurse practitioner might have is immediately conveyed to the surgical team in a collaborative effort to address any developing complications. Post-operative healing is enhanced with good nutrition. Our nurse practitioners provide nutritional counseling as well. Patients undergoing bottom surgeries are at a higher risk for developing DVT and PE. Our providers encourage the use of compression stockings when possible (and provide them to the patient if necessary) and closely monitor patients for any signs or symptoms of these complications.

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A Space for Healing

Of course, the very activity of coming to the HBOT center every day is an effective way to mitigate the risk of DVT/PE. At 8th Element, we have also created an “emotional” space for healing. We have added on-site workshops for our patients designed to help address their emotional wellbeing. One example is our regularly scheduled (patient signs up in advance) hair and make-up workshop, given by a talented hair and make-up artist serving the entertainment industry.

Patients find this workshop transformative. Finally, for those patients experiencing challenges in their mental/behavioral health, we are developing an on-site, private telemedicine program to address those challenges in real-time.

By providing this opportunity in the near future, we hope to curb the all-too-common tragedy of self harm.

So, while hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the foundation of our practice, some might say it is our comprehensive approach to the patient’s care that drives our remarkable results. Collaboration between highly specialized medical and surgical fields in foundational in the best practice of medicine. We invite you to contact 8th Element Hyperbaric Medicine to discuss adding our HBOT program to your patients' post-operative care.

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