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5 Stars

I would highly recommend this place 100% all-in, hands down. The staff is professional, informative, kind, respectful, communicative, helpful, and always remembers your name. Oxygen therapy should be used after every surgery! I had surgery on 4/15/2021 was referred to 8th Element (for location) and was amazingly shocked by the immediate results. I'm finishing up my 30 sessions this week and I can not say how much I love this place. It's clean, organized, and everyone is like family. This was an experience to talk about. I got to say I was not sold on the idea of this therapy, but I'm going to give it a go and see how successful this may be overall. Yesterday Was my 1st appointment and the process was very thorough and informative but anxious. Process, you arrive check in show I'd and insurance, vital check, meet NP discuss case and how the process works, physical exam, picture taken, dress in scrubs, fitted for a head helmet, blood sugar test, wait for appointment slot to the chambers.

Now the walk downstairs to the chambers, where it felt like we where astronomers, arrived at an outdoor container. Door open, control center we have arrived, to the right take your footwear off, there are 9-11 single chairs lined up against the wall with a tv at the end of the chamber, blanket and pillow provided on each seat, take a seat, put your helmet on, hook up hoses, get comfortable, practice swallowing or moving your jaws to clear your ears when the pressure starts, tech double checks everyone, goes over rules, offer water and cough drops to help swallowing.

A tech remains with you in the chamber with radio communication with the techs and nurses outside at control center at all times. there are cameras located in the chambers, a tv, books, coloring items, snacks, and little benches to rest your feet on.


5 Stars

"I was skeptical about the benefit of hyperbaric treatment when I first hear about this facility. I am so glad I gave it a chance. I was able to recover from my surgeries in an incredibly supportive environment surrounded by the best possible staff. Being around others going through some similar experiences was an added benefit. It is reassuring to know that if I ever need hyperbaric treatment in the future, the team at 8th Element will be there for me. I highly recommend them."

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"I wish there was timer clock available to see how much longer between breaks and time remaining for the session.

It's over and the walk back up to the office, vital check, blood sugar and ear check, and your all set to leave.

You'll feel anxious at first but just breathe and it will pass. I have 30 sessions to do and If my insurance pays for it! IM ALL IN FOR 30 sessions!!!!!!!!

Staffing is professional, organized, kind, and informative. Nurse Judy is great, josh is nice, and everyone else is excellent. Thank you all."

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