What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized environment. This therapy aims to increase the amount of oxygen your blood can carry, which promotes healing in various conditions. Under increased atmospheric pressure, your lungs can gather more oxygen than would be possible by breathing pure oxygen at normal air pressure. This enriched oxygen is then transported throughout the body, reaching areas with compromised blood flow due to injury, infection, or disease.

Once in the bloodstream, the oxygen molecules dissolve into all of the body's fluids, including plasma, the lymph, and the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This saturation of tissues with oxygen creates a series of physiological effects, including stimulating the release of growth factors and stem cells, reducing inflammation, and enhancing tissue repair. Hyperbaric medical services in San Francisco amplify the body's innate healing mechanisms, fostering an optimal environment for post-surgery and illness recovery.

Hyperbaric Therapy: Safety & Procedure

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is generally safe when administered by trained medical professionals. Before beginning treatment, you undergo a thorough evaluation to ensure your candidacy and to identify any potential risks or contraindications. During therapy, you can sit comfortably while breathing pure oxygen from a pressurized chamber. The pressure within the chamber is gradually increased to the prescribed level.

Each session lasts 30 minutes to 2 hours. Throughout the treatment, our medical staff monitor your vital signs and adjust the parameters as needed to ensure safety and effectiveness. HBOT is a non-invasive procedure, but it may cause some mild side effects, such as ear popping or temporary changes in vision due to the increased pressure. However, these effects resolve shortly after the session ends.

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Conditions Treated:

  • Non-healing wounds
  • Decompression sickness
  • Radiation injury
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Crush injuries
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Thermal burns
  • Sports injuries
  • Post-surgical healing
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Compromised skin grafts and flaps
  • Other injuries, infections, and illnesses
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Patient Eligibility and Considerations

Before undergoing hyperbaric medical services in San Francisco, patients must undergo a comprehensive evaluation to ensure suitability and safety. Individuals with certain conditions, such as untreated pneumothorax, undergoing certain types of chemotherapy, or untreated high fever, may not be eligible for HBOT. Pregnant women and those with certain respiratory conditions may require special considerations. Please discuss your medical history and any concerns with your healthcare providers to determine the appropriateness of HBOT for your specific situation.

Recovery After Gender-Affirming Surgery

Hyperbaric medicine is a supportive modality in the recovery process for individuals undergoing gender-affirming surgery. After surgeries like chest masculinization or genital reconstruction, hyperbaric medicine can promote healing and reduce the risk of infections or other complications. By increasing oxygen delivery to tissues, HBOT enhances wound healing, reduces inflammation, and supports tissue regeneration, which are crucial aspects of post-operative recovery. Incorporating hyperbaric medicine into the post-operative care plan for gender-affirming surgeries can optimize your results and recovery.

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The Outcomes & Benefits of HBOT:

  • Accelerated wound healing
  • Enhanced tissue repair
  • Improved oxygenation of tissues
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Stimulated release of growth factors and stem cells
  • Enhanced immune response
  • Treatment of decompression sickness
  • Potential improvement in neurological conditions
  • Non-invasive and safe procedure
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Why Choose 8th Element

for Hyperbaric Medical Services?

8th Element is your trusted partner in healing and wellness. We are committed to facilitating your recovery swiftly, successfully, and with the utmost respect for your individual needs. We prioritize your physical, emotional, and personal well-being, ensuring holistic healing. We provide hyperbaric medical services in San Francisco to help you heal, recover from illnesses, and promote optimal recovery after surgeries, including gender-affirming surgery. Schedule a consultation and embark on your path to enhanced health and vitality.

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