Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or “HBOT,” dramatically reduces the risk of post-surgery complications, speeding your journey to full healing so you can enjoy your desired goals without the stress and cost associated with complications or a slow recovery.

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Healing the Body with Safety in an Environment of Empowerment

At 8th Element Hyperbaric Medicine, we bring post-surgical healing to the next level. HBOT delivers a high concentration of oxygen in a pressurized environment, bringing proven therapeutic benefits that promote rapid healing and recovery. HBOT can help minimize or completely eliminate complications commonly seen after advanced facial, top and bottom gender-affirming surgeries. At 8th Element Hyperbaric Medicine, your treatment takes place in a safe, compassionate, understanding environment, supported by professionals who genuinely care. 

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Hyper-Oxygenation: The magic of oxygenation supersaturation

Within our state-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen chamber in San Francisco, the oxygen molecules are compressed to become more soluble. This phenomenon allows the healing oxygen to dissolve in the plasma of your blood, easily cross the cell membranes, thereby saturating all body tissues. In a “normal” oxygen environment, oxygen is delivered to injured tissues solely by the red blood cells. In a “hyperbaric” oxygen environment, the oxygen delivered to injured tissues is increased by up to 18-fold. In doing so, collagen, the body’s healing mechanism that triggers new tissue growth, is deposited in post-surgical tissue in a more organized fashion, creating enhanced elasticity and tensile strength, thereby improving that tissue’s cosmetic and functional qualities.

Safety and Personalized, Caring Support

Our team is committed to providing caring support to the transgender community in an environment that fosters healing, both physically and emotionally.

The benefits of undergoing this therapy include:

  • Exceptionally safe therapy
  • Exceptionally safe environment
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The Final Step in Your Journey: Safe Healing

You are pursuing a transition that most people can never fully comprehend, fraught with a set of emotional and physical challenges. “Healing” is the final step in the process, and it is imperative that your surgery heals rapidly and successfully so you can move forward with your desired life. 8th Element Hyperbaric Medicine is the first treatment center in the USA to provide hyperbaric medicine specifically to speed and improve healing after gender affirmation surgery. Contact us to learn more about how the HBOT in San Francisco can help you.

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