These chambers are pressurized with pure oxygen. While considered safe for human occupancy, these chambers carry the inherent dangers of creating a pressurized pure oxygen chamber environment. While monoplace chambers are effective, they are far more restrictive, as you cannot interact with others except to speak with a technician via an intercom system. Treatment in a monoplace chamber is described as being very claustrophobic, lonely and boring. These factors lead to a high percentage of patients failing to comply with their HBOT program.

Multiplace HBOT Chambers

A multiplace chamber (as its name implies) is a large treatment facility that accommodates multiple patients at a time during treatment sessions. It also permits a qualified hyperbaric technician to be in attendance within the chamber throughout the treatment session, affording many patient benefits. In these multiplace chambers, the room is pressurized with regular air (unlike the pure oxygen used in monoplace chambers), which alleviates the dangers associated with pure oxygen under pressure.

The pure oxygen needed for enhanced healing is delivered through a clear plastic hood that the patient wears during treatment. In hyperbaric oxygen therapy, it is only the oxygen that you breathe that is utilized for enhanced healing.

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8th Element Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

Our multiplace chamber makes it possible to undergo treatment with up to 9 other patients present.

As our program is dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community, this “group” therapy carries many inherent benefits as well. The entire room is pressurized with regular air, and you wear a clear plastic hood through which 100% oxygen is delivered.

The patient experience is pleasant and empowering, as you have the personal support of a specially trained staff member, and you have access to entertainment during the hours of your treatment.

Typically, patients choose to chat amongst themselves, or watch a movie on the large screen TV inside the chamber.

HBOT treatments take two hours to complete, and with the support of another person, along with the ability to read, rest, watch a movie or engage in conversation, the treatments fly by quickly. At 8th Element Hyperbaric Medicine, we have created a specialized environment designed for transgender patients, built to foster physical and emotional healing with warm, respectful, and understanding support from our staff.

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Add HBOT to Your Gender Affirmation Surgery for Faster, More Aesthetic Healing

The changes to your body are greatly affected by how your body reacts to incisions, transfers of tissues, and procedures that involve microvascular surgery. The success of these procedures can be challenging when the body fails to heal as hoped. The issues that can arise include tissue death, tissue scars that lack flexibility, tissue shrinkage, or the most common problem – infections.

With HBOT, the results of gender affirmation surgery are far more predictable, successful, functional and aesthetic. Share your treatment time with others in the transgender community with treatments performed at 8th Element Hyperbaric Medicine, where we utilize our multiplace oxygen chamber created specifically to support you.

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