Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy After Gender Affirmation Surgery in San Francisco

After gender affirmation surgery, your body has been through a traumatic ordeal and will require time to heal. With HBOT treatments, the oxygen is delivered to your body in a custom pressurized treatment center, providing up to 18 times the oxygen concentration to healing tissues.

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Healing Faster… and Better.

Supersaturation of oxygen is the cornerstone of this groundbreaking therapy. By leveraging several laws of physics, hyperbaric medicine is able to utilize an alternate, highly efficient route to deliver oxygen to areas of your body otherwise not accessible after flap and graft surgeries. HBOT treatments can help you enjoy far superior surgical results.

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Oxygen and Healing

HBOT can significantly speed, as well as enhance, your recovery after undergoing gender affirmation surgery. As the oxygen enters your body, it helps kill bacteria that could lead to infection while increasing your body’s resistance to infection. It stimulates blood vessel growth, or “angiogenesis,” and stimulates smoother, more natural cosmetic results by enhancing fibroblast activity and collagen production.

Collagen is an essential building block of connective tissue. In a hyperbaric oxygen environment, the collagen is deposited in a more organized fashion for surgical repair with enhanced elasticity and tensile strength. Furthermore, inflammation is decreased in the body, which might be the most important healing aspect of HBOT. At 8th Element, we provide the best hyperbaric medical services San Francisco has to offer.

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Enhanced Stem Cell Migration: The Hidden Healing Benefit

Your body responds to acute injuries, including surgical incisions, by triggering stem cell migration to the injury site. After gender affirmation surgery, this natural stem cell response is significantly enhanced, leading to faster healing, with the added benefit of the tissues in the altered body area more closely resembling functionally normal tissue.

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Works: Faster Healing, Improved Surgical Outcomes

Within the hyperbaric chamber, oxygen molecules are compressed. In this compressed state, the molecules become more soluble and are able to effortlessly cross cell membranes, entering the body’s tissues.

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The Ultimate Oxygen Delivery System: HBOT

In a hyperbaric oxygen environment, oxygen is delivered throughout the body dissolved in the plasma of the blood.

Consisting of predominantly water, blood plasma is the liquid suspension that carries your blood cells, salts and proteins through your circulatory system.

Normally, only red blood cells can carry oxygen (on hemoglobin molecules) in your body. Under normal environmental conditions, water cannot carry oxygen. However, in a pressurized environment, conditions are created allowing oxygen to actually dissolve in very high concentrations in the water portion of the blood.

As a result, water now becomes the transport route for extra oxygen, flooding the body tissues with oxygen-rich plasma, increasing the speed of healing, resistance to infection, and improved tissue functionality. Our hyperbaric oxygen treatment results make it possible for you to experience a faster, more successful recovery.

Non-Invasive, Safe, and Effective Treatment After Surgery

The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy with our team at 8th Element Hyperbaric Medicine, the top provider of this unique service, include:

  • Personal warmth, compassion, and support from our team
  • An environment custom-created to follow gender affirmation surgery
  • Enhanced surgical incision healing speed
  • Improved oxygen delivery to the flaps and grafts created during surgery
  • Improved infection control to ward off complications
  • Enhanced blood vessel formation, critical for flap and graft procedures
  • Reduced inflammation and edema
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8th Element Hyperbaric Medicine: Compassion, Understanding, and Customized Care

Our compassionate, understanding professionals have dedicated our practice to supporting the transgender community and providing hyperbaric medical services to help each person heal more quickly, with better results. We want you to enjoy every aspect of your life in the future. HBOT is safe, non-invasive, and has proven results. When you are with our team, you will feel supported and empowered – we genuinely care.

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